Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Scenes In Movies

Shooting Scenes From The Air

Many movies have memorable scenes that were shot from the air. These scenes can evoke a lot of things, which would not give much meaning by filming from an ordinary perspective. To be able to shoot aerial scenes for movies very easily, see all about it at aerial cinematography.

Until recently, in cinematography, helicopters or airplanes were used to capture scenes from the air. All this required a lot of money, a lot of hiring of professional pilots and professional cameramen, for which a lot of money had to be allocated.

With the advent of drones, these costs have been significantly reduced, so that now even low-budget films can have aerial scenes in movies.

Aerial Cinematography

In addition to the reduced costs of shooting aerial scenes, more importantly, the much better quality of footage produced by drones has been achieved. Of course, the drone must have a high-quality camera, in order to obtain high-quality aerial shots.

Aerial photography can represent the entire scene of a film, as well as the distance of a place. All this can be recorded very easily and quickly with a drone.

Chase scenes are also best when shot from the air. Drones now make it very easy to shoot these scenes, which until recently was very difficult and very risky and unsafe. A helicopter operated by a professional pilot was needed. Passing through narrow streets or passing under bridges put the safety of the pilot, as well as the cameraman, in question. With the advent of the drone, much higher quality footage of the chase through the streets appeared.

If you want to know much more about aerial scenes, just one click on aerial cinematography is enough. Here you can find out all about aerial scenes, as well as how they were shot in the past and how they are shot now.