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Everyone wants to spend their holiday in the most beautiful way. If you also want to spend an unforgettable holiday, take a look at what we can offer you at Passover Programs.

In addition to many suggestions, we can also offer you a visit to West Palm Beach, Florida. Here we present you a luxury resort that has been renovated very recently.

All bathrooms are made of marble and each unit has its own balcony. The rooms have been remodeled, so we can offer you modern comfort. All the furniture is of the highest quality and in every room there is a TV where you can choose from a large number of channels. You can access the internet very fast which will satisfy many of your needs.

Passover Programs

The distance of this complex from the airport is a 15-minute drive, so you will be in your accommodation unit very quickly after landing your plane.

You can enjoy many amenities in this complex. A large number of golf courses can allow you to fully enjoy the period in which you want. Also, there is a large swimming pool within the complex, so you can swim whenever you want. Many more recreational facilities can be found in this complex such as pilates training rooms, yoga studio and much more.

We can also offer you tennis courts, and we also have a large number of rooms for different treatments of all types of massages. What makes this complex of ours unique is the largest collection of mineral healing waters found in the pools.

The food is buffet-style, so you will be able to enjoy an abundance of food from all world cuisines. On the day of the holiday itself, we organize a festive dinner that you will fully enjoy.

If you want to relax and recreate during the holidays, one click to Passover Programs is enough. We can provide you with everything you want.