Recommended Doses For Taking Lion’s Mane

Introduce Lion’s Mane Into Your Routine

Lion’s mane is a mushroom that has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Because of the healthy compounds it contains, it is increasingly used in the West as well. To know what dose of this healthy mushroom you can take, look at lions mane dosage.

This mushroom is known for having a good effect on the growth of new neurons, and it is extremely good for the immune system as well as having a favorable effect on digestion. Because of these properties, there has been a great demand for the lion’s mane mushroom.

Although this mushroom is very healthy, it should not be taken uncontrollably and should be taken in certain quantities.

Lions Mane Dosage

How much lion’s mane you should take depends on many factors. Some of the basic ones are your weight, your age, the state of your body and much more.

If you just want to improve your immunity, the recommended dose is 1000mg per day. Since it is consumed mainly as a supplement, it is best taken with a good meal. In this way, no nausea can occur in people who have a sensitive stomach.

To begin with, it is best to take 250mg per day. So you can use the lion’s mane supplement for two weeks, then depending on how you feel, you can increase the dose up to 750mg.

You can achieve the best effect if you add the lion’s mane supplement to your morning cup of coffee. In this way, your organism will wake up very quickly and you will have a lot of energy and will be able to focus on your work tasks.

If you want to improve your health, you cannot immediately feel the improvement. It takes two weeks to see the effect of taking lion’s mane.

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